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Day 1 – 3 Days in Florence

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If you're exhausted from your day of travel, your local guide will deliver you back to the hostel. From today, you'll understand just why Florence is so important to modern western society. Just about every classic dome we know--from the capitol building, to Jefferson's Monticello can trace their lineage of inspiration back to Florence's most emblematic icon: We'll learn all about that, the Baptistry and its famous doors, and the bell tower.

When to go to Florence

Our city-center hostel makes checking out the Duomo easy. And just a few blocks in the other direction, we'll skip the line into the Accademia which houses Michelangelo's original David. Last night, you just saw an outdoor replica. We'll continue on to check out the leather market, food markets and set you loose for free time so you can double back to whatever interests you most. This evening, we'll have a florentine feast and hit another strip of bars famous among the American study abroad students who call Florence their home for 4 months at a time.

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Spend your last day exploring another fun neighborhood of town and explore the local markets. For those with more time in Italy, we highly reommend taking two or three days each to experience Rome, the Cinque Terre, Venice or Milan. Shoot us an email and we're more than happy to assist you making plans and itineraries there.

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On this day you're free to depart at your leisure. Please leave time for getting to whatever departure airport you have--try not to book anything before 9am or 10am if possible. I've been in Europe since the beginning of January and have traveled every weekend. This Easter Weekend was by far the best one.

The hostel was perfect and super convenient, I made a ton of new friends, and our guides Andy, Rhianne, and Elena made sure we saw absolutely everything in the city.


The meals included were all absolutely delicious, and Andy even brought snacks every once in a while to hold us over in between meals. We were given our Easter Mass tickets the night before and strategically planned to be in the front for mass.

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We followed Andy's suggestions and got to sit in the very front for Mass. The wait was worth it and so was every cent of the trip's cost. I barely spent any of my own money, just on transportation to and from the airport, gelato, and food on my last day there. We keep our groups small, so save your spot now! Pick a city and go! Skip-the-line into Accademia, Michelangelo's David Tuscan Wine tasting at sunset Gelato with tasting Visit world class leather market with TONS of artisanal goods Aperativo dinner at our favorite hot spot We offer a No Hostel option so you can pick your own accommodation.

Meet Your Tour Guide: Day 0 - Thursday: Optional Early Arrival Opt into an early arrival and get more time in Florence!

Adventures in Italy - A Travel Journal (Part 2: Florence) - Florence Forum

Day 2 - Saturday: See our collection of hotels in Florence Discover more. When to go to Florence.

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Where to go T ry to resist the checklist impulse. In our fast-paced world I'm increasingly drawn to places that stay the same Mariella Frostrup. Know before you go. Essential Information B ritish embassy in Rome: There are also branches at the train station and the airport Emergency services: The basics C urrency: Most cashpoint machines work with international cards, via the Cirrus circuit Telephone codes: Dial 00 39 for Florence numbers from abroad, from inside Italy or Florence Time difference: London to Florence or London to Pisa is around two hours Addresses: Experience Florence with the Telegraph.

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3 Days in Florence - What to do in Florence | Divergent Travelers

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