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In fact, Laures and Senni turned to creatures most of us would reject with disgust: His attempt went awry after he tried to trap the mouse in a dish and, due to poor aim, accidentally crushed the rodent instead.

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Laures, more fortunate than Senni, reported that a white mouse was her sole companion throughout the whole ordeal. Since this type of sensory deprivation is often used as a torture technique during wartime, a British study locked up six volunteers in dark, solitary confinement for 48 hours to test its effects.

The Spectrum of Sanity and Insanity

According to the Daily Mail , Adam Bloom, an extroverted stand-up comic, fared particularly terribly. He says at one point, he started singing and then suddenly burst into tears, feeling as if his emotions were running out of control. He says that the utter darkness caused him to completely lose his sense of time. In fact, he and some of the other volunteers actually started hallucinating — a heap of oysters, tiny cars, snakes, zebras, fighter planes, mosquitos, and even the sensation of the room taking off.

The BBC went on to produce a documentary using footage of these six volunteers called Total Isolation.

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Without light, we lose our sense of time, and without interaction, we become consumed with loneliness and boredom. With this sensory deprivation comes the strangest, most unimaginable psychological effects. Care to see the effects of sensory deprivation with your own eyes?

Insanity Quotes

Watch a fascinating clip from Total Isolation as the volunteers begin to hallucinate. Lumley relived her darkest moments in a conversation with Lord Bragg, the broadcaster, who has suffered his own mental health problems. Joanna Lumley on Greek Odyssey: Joanna Lumley targeted in Facebook campaign.