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Continue onto Cap-Alright Lighthouse which offers a spectacular view over grey cliffs, all of Plaisance Bay and the outline of Entry Island. The lighthouse is the last one built on the Islands, and it has changed little since its construction in The Madelinots always say that "bagosse" is the beer of the Islands, but it is really a traditional home-brewed wine.

Le Barbocheux is an artisanal winery whose products include bagosse, fortified wine porto style and berry liqueurs. Enjoy a sample before transferring back to the pier. This tour involves moderate amount of walking and it is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or those who utilise a wheelchair.

Guests must be at least 21 years old to be served alcoholic beverages. Dressing appropriate to the weather is recommended. During the Flavours Circuit you will meet with several local producer and discover from them the passion and love that they have for their work.

Depart the ship for a short ride to the Pied-de-Vent Cheese Factory. It is a cottage-industry cheese factory that uses raw milk to produce the tasty Pied-de-Vent cheese and Tomme des Demoiselles, a semi-hard cow's milk cheese. Next travel to Chemin Pointe-Basse, a road peppered with many examples of traditional local architecture: The Acadian and French origins of many of the Islanders, as well as some New England influences are reflected in the architecture of their homes.

Several details are typical of the traditional home: The smoked herring economuseum, Fumoir d'Antan, a typical smokehouse, brings to life this last vestige of what was once a very important industry. This smokehouse has been used for three generations to smoke herring, mackerel, salmon and scallops. Have a short stop at the roadside rest area at Dune-du-Sud which gives access to a beautiful beach.

There are many holes and caves to explore. Le Barbocheux is an artisanal winery whose products include bagosse, Enjoy a tasting of fortified wine Porto style before returning to the pier. This tour involves moderate amount of walking for approximately metres yards over occasional uneven ground and dirt paths, therefore it is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or those who utilise a wheelchair.

A school bus will bring you to the north end of the Magdalene Island, the Grand-Entree. Marvel at the impossibly beautiful scenery, with different shades of blue and green water, golden sand beaches, ever changing sand dunes, the green of the hills that contrast with the red of the cliffs. Learn more about the history of the Islands and of the Acadians, who have colonized the archipelago as the local guide provides the narration.

On arrival to the village of Grosse Ile, an English settlement of Irish descendant resident you will be driving past the salt mine and the guide will give you explanations about it. After Grosse Ile village you will be arriving in the East Point National Wildlife Reserve, the bus will make stop to drop off half of the group for a 90 minute hike of 1. See an astonishing arrangement of vegetation, forests, fixed dunes and mobile dunes. Depending on the season, you can taste some of the different plants and berries. Marvel at the vastness of the Old Harry Beach, the former gathering place of the walrus.

Enjoy an unforgettable hike where you see the beauty and understand the fragility of the Magdalen Islands. With the help of a fisherman discover how our daily life is connected to the sea. Learn about the history, the boats, the lobster traps, and the importance of the conservation. In the afternoon each group will switch and enjoy the activity they did not do in the morning. Dressing appropriate to the weather as well as close toe comfortable shoes is recommended.

Ce site web utilise des cookies. It is true that the area has impressive tides and its reputation for frequent drizzle and pea soup fog is not unfound. But the fact is, cruising Nova Scotia in August and September is ideal as the days are warm and fog is at a minimum.

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By contrast, June is too cold and foggy and often little change through mid-July. On the cruise you will pass beautiful scenery, see lots of wildlife, visit vibrant French cities and quaint seaside villages. There is just so much to see that an experienced or unseasoned mariner, in virtually any type of yacht, could spend many summers and still not experience it all.

No other North American cruise can say the same. To keep this cruising guide current we welcome your comments, suggestions and notice of any significant errors in this publication. Please send your comments to us by E-mail, snail mail or telephone. Therefore, this loop route is perfect for a 3-month summer cruise. At this time of year water levels are high but not too high and traffic on the canal is fairly quiet. Yes, transient cruisers can dock every night if they want to.

In fact in areas of strong current docking is the recommended option. Facilities along the route are most often situated in towns and villages where all supplies and services are available. As for fuel, it is available almost everywhere along the route from a fuel pump. Low pressure systems tend to track north of the St Lawrence River during the summer therefore, the prevailing fair weather wind pattern is westerly. A shift in this wind direction can produce rain. Fog and rainy conditions along the Atlantic coast are more frequent during June and July.

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Mid-August through the end of September are ideal times to cruise Nova Scotia and the Maine coast when the prevailing wind shifts to a more westerly and even nor-westerly direction which blows the fog well offshore. The beauty of the Down East Circle Route is that the seven seaway locks are all going to be locked downward.

Down locking through the seaway is easy.

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The locks drain from the center so a boat is gently pulled away from the wall of the lock; this is a quick and simple procedure. Up locking through the seaway can be a much more difficult passage for a small boat as the turbulence can be horrendous. The height and depth restrictions apply only on the Erie Canal where you are restricted to a vertical clearance of 20 feet and a depth restriction of 14 feet. This is the depth of the locks at the sills.

There is an open window for about 2 weeks at this time that this can be done. We were there from March 3rd - 6th. You need a helicopter which was arranged by the hotel. There are many Japanese and other photographers from around the world whom you will meet also doing this same excursion. What an an event! You will be flown approx. There you will land and stay on a ice flow for approx. The hotel supplies "Mustang" Survival Suits. They are quite warm.

I would suggest good warm mittens and a balaclava to wear.

Îles-de-la-Madeleine – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

The day we were out there it was F. About a 35 mile and hour wind.

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  • There were three very interesting island tours provided by the hotel. They also had a shuttle bus that took you shopping and transportation to and from the airport. The is a solid 3 star property, akin to a mid-grade Holiday Inn or Best Western. My wife and I were here for 3 days only at the very end of the tourist season.

    The day time desk clerk who had fairly good English was very helpful throughout. The dining room people had very limited English. The dining room prices quite high, especially for the wines -- mais c'est la vie, ici est Quebec. The lack of AC was not relevant in September. The room was very well serviced every day. We were also amazed to see the chambermaid in a suite adjacent to ours actually on her hands and knees cleaning a bathroom something we'd never seen done in any big city in North America.

    They should not presume that the sun rises and sets on the needs of Americans some of whom appear to think the rest of the world should speak their version of the English language. While there is no air conditioning they do have fans which circulates the air , and it mus t be sais that the weather in the evening gets cooler.

    Schedules and rates

    The restaurant and bar have great atmosphere and the food is very good. We stayed here for 7 nights in August.

    Check in went well considering the limited English. We were given a room on the 3rd floor with an oceanview balcony. Our room was a fair walk from check in but worth it for the view. No air conditioning but it cools off at night so we just left balcony door partially opened and that did the job.

    Room had a small fridge and a ceiling fan. TV reception was spotty at times but wifi worked great considering our distance from the lobby.

    Top Chrono

    Bathroom was modern and clean. Room was also very clean.

    We walked into town for dinner most nights but it is about 1km with sidewalks so if you have mobility problems or no vehicle you are pretty much limited to the hotel restaurant. We ate there one night and it was fine. Restaurant had a nice view of the ocean. Hotel had a lot of bus tours staying there so restaurant was busy in the mornings. Hotel is central to touring the islands which are beautiful. We enjoyed the pool and hot tub every evening. One night the hot tub was out of order but that may have been for cleaning.