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In my opinion, Caine has taken the easy road by using predictable devices such as killing off a main character and magically reviving them, taking past situations and reusing them.

Charles Hinton

If an author can't come up with fresh stories then it's time to stop producing them. I still love the series. I'm determined to see it to the end but I hope Caine can inject fresh ideas into Black Dawn. Theo Goldman, where he's challenged to refrain from becoming angry and use non-violent methods whenever possible for 24 hours. It's not a necessary read but it was enjoyable, especially his encounter with Monica.

We get itchy and sweaty just trying to spell it, much less do it. I really don't know why I read this crap. These books are like those movies where you just go to switch your brain off and have a good time. Except the difference for Last Breath is that you switch your brain off and have one heck of a bore-a-thon. Even the action scenes have gotten boring.

OK, that's not entirely true since I was into it while I was reading those sequences, but even so there was this "get on with it" feeling all over it. After eleven books you kinda figure out no one's gonna die s I really don't know why I read this crap. After eleven books you kinda figure out no one's gonna die so you got no one to root for. The peril factor drops below zero and then you're waiting to get past the action kinda like this. But the action's just the build-up to the drama stuff.

That's how lame this is. In normal books the action constitutes as the juicy stuff. In Morganville this is the other way around, because everything's topsy turvy and upside down and inside out. Wouldn't expect anything less from the brilliantly ingenious mind of Rachel Caine. If you're going to be paid almost a million dollars source for writing crap, get your head screwed on right and write something with a little more meaning. Then again, we're up to book eleven. And still reading crap. I'm only holding out for Myrnin and Claire to get together, but obviously that's not going to happen, not now or anywhere in the future.

But like I said, now that Shane's proposed that possibility has dropped below zero. They're both under twenty, right? I'm still going to read Black Dawn because I'm a hardcore Myrnin and Claire shipper and because I'm too invested in this series to give up now. But I know I'm in for a boatload of crap with an extra boatload of crap and make no mistake. View all 5 comments. Nov 07, Arlene rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: You just have to know where to stop telling the story to make a happy ending… I cannot agree with that more!

Rachel Caine sure has a way of creating a roll-a-coaster of a ride for her Morganville fans. In Last Breath Morganville is at the precipice of an apocalypse. The vampires are facing an enemy that has defeated them time and time again throughout history. Vampires are disappearing and the Glass House residents along with the rest of Morganville face an unknown danger like never before. No one is safe and humans and vampires must ban together to save their town. This installment had one of the most tragic moments in all of the books combined. That scared the bloody vampires out of me.

My brain was in a clusterfuck as I was frantically anticipating how Caine was going to fix the madness that was happening. Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael have a chemistry and bond that really carries this book to a new level of awesomeness. Is it crazy that I worry like hell over them? I love Claire for her quiet strength, I adore Shane for his reckless loyalty that just won't quit, Eve tugs at my heart with her raw power and Michael pulls my emotions in all sorts of directions with his fierce determination to keep his friends together and safe.

There were a couple of reveals in this book that had me shouting I. I called that at least 7 books ago! Also, there was a scene where Claire has to make a choice that will affect her relationship with Myrnin and Shane. Oh and that last scene!! Did Caine have to stop there???? This book was intense, wild, crazy and true Morganville style addicting! View all 31 comments. Everytime it comes to writing a review for these books, I find myself sounding like a broken record. But then again every time it's worth the repeat.

These books are highly addictive and purely entertaining. It kills boredom and cures readers-block. It's nevah dull and it's always filled with the most delicious intrigue, not to mention sizzling-sexy chemistry. How is it possible that these books just gets better and better? Eleven books in- and I'm still having an absoute blast in this world. In Everytime it comes to writing a review for these books, I find myself sounding like a broken record. In fact, I think this might be my favorite one. I love them all mind you, but I loved loved loved the new threat lurking in Morganville. How awesomely unique is he?

The entire draug concept is nothing short of brilliance. Great move for Caine to bring in something actually worse then Bishop. We also got a lot of great moments between Shane and Claire. I think it's safe to say that Caine totally made up for it after Bite Club. Shane and Claire seems more My throat felt so tight during a few scenes, really really choking me up.

Last Breath would have been the second to last novel, but I'm so thrilled that Caine is extending this to three more books, bring it to number fifteen. I could slightly see where she was going with the next book You'd think that after all these books we would all be ready to just let them go, but oh hell no, all it does is make me crave the next installment that much quicker! I don't know how she does it, but just when you think everything been done in Morganville we get something entire new and unexpected.

I should have known better being in a Rachel Caine book, and yet, the color of happy shock is still splattered on my face. I freaking adore all of these characters!! Shane, Claire, Myrnin, Michael and Eve. Each and every single one of them keep bringing in the crazy as hell fun that I've come to expect from them. But we see a different side to some of these characters in this one. The more intense and raw emotions that are usually hidden, surfaces in a moment when everything is at it's worst and some of the suspected unspoken revelations start to come out Myrnin and Michael, I'm looking at you.

Shane and Claire have reached a new level of yum. Not only were some of their moments sweet as sin or comically amusing, but you actually feel the extent of how they feel about one another. It took my breath away. All in all, this was another Morganville win!! I love the new plot arc and I'm so looking forward to seeing how Caine will play this out in Black Dawn!!! Oh and one more thing. A shout out to that ending. What an amazing moment for Shane and Claire fans!!

View all 61 comments. Sep 03, Maria V. Snyder rated it really liked it. I just love these characters and situation and am still engaged: I finished last night and enjoyed the story. It ended with a cliff hanger as Rachel does sometimes and I'm going to start Black Dawn tonight. I must say I was shocked by view spoiler [ Claire's murder! That really surprised me and I thought it was very bold of Rachel to do that to her main character. However I'm really disappointed by the solution - she has Myrnin's blood in her and for her to just "fight" off the disease just didn't match the logic.

When Shane was in Bite Club, he drank the blood - not had it injected into him! Making Claire a vampire would have matched the logic used in the other books. It would have caused many problems especially with Shane - but problems are good. So instead of applauding her for her bold move, I'm lamenting the dodge. I talked to Rachel last year in Texas and asked her about writing so many books in one series. She mentioned how hard it is and that she has to keep "upping the stakes" pun intended.

After reading Last Breath - she certainly raised the stakes and as I said I was shocked: As for the story - I liked reading from the other character's POV - I'd have liked more indepth sections than the few that's there, and Shane, Micheal, and Eve only had one section each. I also thought it was interesting that while Clarie's POV is close third person - the others are first person, which seemed Not anything to stop me from reading and it didn't distract from the story - I just noticed: And I'm sure if you're on book 11, then you're all in - like me: View all 16 comments.

He was muttering under his breath, something in a language I didn't know, but from the sound of it, he was cursing like a drunken sailor as he stared murderously at the black portal. Then he switched to English. Kill me if you have to, but I am coming through. He's to die for, literally. These are my guests. Granted, I don't really like your son, but I tolerate him, and you can do the same. So usually these books are told from Claire a human prodigy POV, and she's courageous, and lovable, and fearless, but when I discovered this book would be told from several other POV's although Claire is awesome, I must admit I was curious.

We get to explore inside The Ruthless Founder of Morganville Amelie vampire , as well as deliciously devoted Shane Claire's bf did i forget sexy? Every page he appears in the book I'm glued instantly, yes I'll admit, I'm not ashamed I have a huge embarrassingly shameless crush on a sometimes insane, though nonetheless absolutely brilliant vampire who keeps a pet spider named Bob as a companion, a human brain in a jar so he can have instant scientific access to the city, Hawaiian shirt wearing, bunny slipper sporting, pompous, arrogant, handsome twenty something frozen in time vampire named Myrnin.

A lot happened in this book, and it took a dark and grittier turn in a new an exciting direction. In the middle of the book I was heartbroken and found myself crying along with everyone I was wishing that view spoiler [Claire would have been brought back as a vampire, so Shane would be forced to accept her for what he hates, even though his best friend is a vampire, sometimes he barely tolerates him. Either way I'm glad Claire wasn't gone for good, and Rachel Caine handled it great care, especially the emotional parts with Myrnin, Eve, and especially Shane.

Men are always rescuing women, but sometimes they're the ones needing saving too! If you get in my way, I will cut you, because you are nothing but a speed bump on my way to saving him. Because I need to know. Can I have my very own Shane???!!!! I can't wait until the next installment.

Lately I haven't had much time to read, and luckily this book was exactly what I needed to get me back into my reading grove. Fortunately Rachel Caine writes these about every six months so the wait is short compared to other series. View all 10 comments. This far into the series, I expect that any events that happen in it need to have reasons to really be there, instead of just acting as fillers. Nevertheless, that is the exact thing I get: Nothing new is really there other than the villain and even he d Last Breath , the eleventh chapter in the Morganville Vampire series, proved to be a HUGE disappointment.

Nothing new is really there other than the villain and even he doesn't really have any depth. Another thing that I don't get is why must everything happen to or has to be about Claire? There are three other members in the Glass House that I think deserve to be put on the center stage. Let them steer the story, let it be about them rather than about Claire.

This is the kind of change that this series need - something that work against the pattern - not just the alternate chapters that the author featured in this book. In my opinion, the predictability of the story clearly shows that the author is using an easy, lazy way to create something that is "suppose" to be new, but the truth is, in the end of the day, all we get is the same old story with some minor changes and that clearly is not enough.

Cheated, that is how Last Breath make me feel as I graduated to its final page. Mar 17, konneko. Nov 03, Tatiana Vila rated it it was amazing. I only have a few words to say about Last Breath: This was a true roller coaster of emotions, and the ending Morganville Vampires is without a doubt my favourite vampire series ever. I am always torn between this series and Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series but after reading Last Breath this is definitely the best vampire series I have ever read.

The writing style is amazing and the storyline is shocking and beautiful all at the same time. This is the only series that has captured my attention through so many books and still has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book 11 books down the line. Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael have come to terms with a lot of weird things in Morganville. It being ran by vampires and having to work with them in order to survive. But one thing Claire doesn't know and can't stop thinking about it why vampires would settle in a town in the middle of the desert in a very hot, sunny location when they have major sunlight sensitivity.

What Claire doesn't count on is finding out this little bit of information may put hers and her friends lives in danger because little did they know they are bang in the middle of a war; one that has been a long time coming; and one that has finally caught up with them and the Morganville Vampires. I think it was the best one and I couldn't put it down. I know, I know I say this with every book in this series that I read but that's how I feel.

That they just get better and better with each book. This series is like a drug to me, I am so addicted I can't put it down and then when I'm finished it's torture waiting for the next book because I need my Morganville fix straight away. There is not one boring moment in this book, everything is fast paced and I cannot wait for book Last Breath is definitely the most emotional book of the series so far. Rachel Caine successfully turned me into a blubbering baby as I just could not stop crying through a number of chapters.

I could not believe the storyline and the twist and I was crying to hard I had to stop reading for a little while I calmed myself down. My mind was a mess and I was thinking why would Rachel do this to the characters and the readers? I can't believe that happened. But I kept reading and the ending was explosive, amazing and phenomenal.

I am super excited that there will be 15 books in total in this series and I am not quite ready to let this phenomenal series go. This is a series I will re-read again and again and no matter how many books I have to-read I just want to re-read them. A phenomenal chapter in the Morganville Vampires and definitely the best. I can't wait to see what will happen next. View all 30 comments. Wow, I think this was my favorite of the series! These books just keep getting better.

Once you start reading one of these books you find the pages just fly by. This book in the series however, is a game-changer, and felt a bit more serious than the others. After the whole drama played out in Wow, I think this was my favorite of the series! Michael and Eve are planning their wedding, well mainly Eve is. Pretty much the whole town, vampire and human, are against the wedding, and Michael is feeling the pressure. Oliver has even gone to Claire to get Eve and Michael to stop the union. She know he must be more than human. Trouble is she seems to be the only one who spots him.

Add to this, vampires start disappearing from town, left and right. We get the perspective of: Shane, Michael, Eve, and even Amelie in this one. It was a nice change. Myrnin even with his crazy and volatile personality manages to become a hero when needed and boy was it needed in this one!

The different POVs made it possible to confirm suspicions many have had for a long time. I like the way things are! Man they have some great moments in this one, and the ending scene with them………well, made me all warm and fuzzy inside!! There is also a rip-your-heart-out chapter or two!!! Intense and heart-breaking does not cover it!!

One of the best things about this series is that Caine always leaves you wanting more without leaving you on a painful, violence-inducing cliffhanger! I think Rachel Caine stepped it up a notch with this one! Christian Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: It was pretty good Characters: A new bad boy is in town and everyone is in danger Page Turner: There was some world building as something new has come to town. We also get some more answers which is always good. And can I say that was the best ending ever. For a f Quick review: For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at: Audio Review Cynthia Holloway continues to do a good job with this series.

Oct 29, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: This was a pretty crazy installment. And now there's going to be a shit more trouble to deal with. Nov 06, Alaina Meserole rated it liked it Shelves: I feel like this is probably my favorite book out of the entire series.


I don't really know how to explain it but mostly I didn't end up hating anyone that much or think any of the main characters were annoying as fuck. So that is always a plus in my book. Last Breath was an okay book with a dash of interesting twists and turns. She's not all the way there but she's getting closer to beco I feel like this is probably my favorite book out of the entire series.

She's not all the way there but she's getting closer to becoming a good main character. At least for me. Then there's Shane, who I honestly have nothing to say about. Now onto Michael and Eve - I adore their relationship and sort of approve their marriage? I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Then there's Amelie and Oliver. I don't know who peed in her cereal but the hell was with Amelie in this book?!? She went bat shit crazy so quickly that I actually started not to like her. I don't know how I feel about that situation either - hopefully one day I can wrap my head around that.

Plus the whole Myrnin thing when he basically said that he has feelings for Claire made me cringe so hard. I don't ship them together at all. I guess I will stay on the ship of Claire and Shane. Overall, it was better than book 10 and things are starting to pick up my interest.

I hope it keeps happening until I read the last book. I am continually amazed at how after so many books, the stories about Claire, Shane, Eve, Michael, and Morganville still feel fresh and exciting. There were also some very difficult realizations that Claire had to make about a different relationship.

I am extremely excited about what this could mean for the future of the series. We get chapters from Shane, Eve, Michael, and even Amelie, the last of which was a little odd. I think I prefer her as the mysterious and aloof Founder rather than knowing her thoughts. I can only hope that we get a chapter from Myrnin next time.

And there will be a next time. Rachel is under contract for at least three more books in The Morganville Vampires series. Sep 01, Amber I. AwesomeSauce Book Club rated it it was amazing. After 10 books in the same series you might think you can know what to expect. But Rachel has a way of throwing things at us we would never see coming. And this 11th book Last Breath is topping all that! She stunned me at what she came up with!

You will never see it coming!! If you have come this far in the series, then you know its going to be awesome. I would recommend reading these all in order so you can really get to know these characters and to see how much they have all been through togeth After 10 books in the same series you might think you can know what to expect. I would recommend reading these all in order so you can really get to know these characters and to see how much they have all been through together.

Last Breath has to be one of the best books in the series. Its action packed, very romantic, heart breaking, mysterious and everything you have come to love about this series. It has one of the craziest twist turners this series has ever seen. I could not believe it when it happened. I never saw it coming and was just shocked! I was heart broken! I can not wait for everyone to read this so we can all talk. You are going to go on a roller coaster of emotions and you will be shocked!

All the characters we love are there and we get to go inside of a lot of their heads. We see a lot of Oscar and Myrinin. The group is facing one the biggest battles ever and no one is safe! It could be the end of Morganville!! You are going to want to rush to the bookstores to get a copy of this!! Jul 07, Buqet rated it really liked it. I think this may actually be my favourite one so far!

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Revealed: Star with worst bad breath in Hollywood

Claire Danvers is an extra-ordinary girl living in the extra-ordinary town of Morganville, Texas. What makes Claire so special? She's super-smart, having started college early, and, among other things, works after school in a lab with Myrnin, who's a little crazy In Morganville though, that's no so unusual - there are lots of vampires in Morganville. While there is usually an uneasy truce between the humans and the vampires, things are currently a little strained. Someone's plann Claire Danvers is an extra-ordinary girl living in the extra-ordinary town of Morganville, Texas.

Someone's planning a wedding, and as the countdown ticks down, it's plain that the wedding is one thing that everyone in town seems to agree on: But while the town is focused on the approaching nuptuals, Claire and the gang learn that vampires are going missing. Just a few at first, but as the days go by and there's no sign of the missing vampires, things start to get weird weirder than usual. Claire sees something she shouldn't but can't remember what it was, Amelie gets a cryptic message that leads her to the decision to close down Morganville, and Myrnin has a decision to make.

Will Claire and her friends solve the mystery and save Morganville? Do they even want to save Morganville? Or is this their chance to be free of the vampires forever? Last Breath is a can-not-miss installation to The Morganville Vampires series! Zero , the Witch of Envy and the people given favor to or connected to her have a foul scent, which only certain characters can smell.

Since Subaru's Return by Death ability is given to him by the Witch, he also has this scent, which makes the other characters having a hard time trusting him. Gyo lives off this trope, since the monsters in question are undead fish corpses. Even living fish doesnt exactly smell good. As it turns out, the corpses are just a delivery system, the true evil is a form of semi-sentient bacteria that propogates itself using the gasses released by decay.

It's even worse for infected humans since they aren't technically DEAD. The Dark Judges are stated to leave a putrefying stench of death behind them. When one of the Sisters of Death attacks Judge Kraken, he notes that she smells like a corpse. Long-time Spidey villain Carnage apparently has an aroma similar to vomit. Given Carnage's habits, this is actually somewhat surprising - the Carnage symbiote is Axe-Crazy and blood would seem more likely. All of planet Jasper in Copperhead smells like rotten eggs - partly due to its mining industry, partly due to its borderline-lawless reputation per this trope.

Pretty much every hero that has to fight Tapeworm comments on how terrible he smells. In Chapter 16 of Soul Eater: As they get closer to unraveling the mystery and addressing the problem, they find out Innsmouth smells bad because the Deep Ones stuffed dead, decaying bodies in some of the boarded buildings. Fankil , the main antagonist of The Heart Trilogy , smells like dust and ash combined with perfume sweetness so strong it's nauseous.

Italian zombie movie Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror has this line: The Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is repeatedly described as having bad breath. They say the stench of its breath is Not that bad, really. The Three Mothers Trilogy more specifically invoke this, by mentioning that the earth that witches' houses are built upon becomes so deadly and pestilent by the evil and death that emanates from there, that the entire neighborhood has a sweetish, nauseating smell.

The cyborgs from Virus are said to smell "like dogshit". This in contrast to the frequent bathing and saunaing habits of the Mexica. In one scene, Mixtli has them hauled into the yard and washed by force, which terrifies the invaders. In the short story " Jerusalem's Lot " set presumably before 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King , all the buildings in the eponymous village smell terrible inside.

This is probably due to the giant worm living beneath the church. Also shows up in another King work, The Dark Half. A policeman inspecting the car George Stark had used earlier notes that it smells hostile and animalistic. Stark also falls into this trope later in the book, being followed by the stench of his own decaying body. In Masques , the protagonist smells horrible after crawling out of the lair of the Big Bad. Granted, she did use the sewage system, but there are lots of rotting corpses in there to account for the smell of the sewage, too.

A lot of the creatures the Vir Requis fight in Dragons of Requiem are repeatedly noted for smelling very foul. Wyverns smell like vinegar and sulfur; sphinxes smells like urine, acid, and sulfur; mimics and demons which are composed of rotting corpses smell like death, and so on. In James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man , Stephen, as a part of his education, goes to a mass where the priest gives a long, heated speech about the horrors of hell, including the eternal smell of decaying corpses.

Lovecraft 's eldrich horrors are described as smelling rather icky. Lovecraft himself had a sensitive sense of smell and couldnt stand bad odors. As Foulness shall ye know them! The titular town in The Shadow Over Innsmouth and its mutant inhabitants smell very strongly of fish. The titular house from The Shunned House is noted as positively reeking of decay and foulness. Turns out to be caused by some gargantuan entity buried beneath it.

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Once it's been dissolved with acid, the smell disappears. Madeleine L'Engle 's Time Quartet: A Wind in the Door and other books featuring the Echthroi as villains always mention how bad they smell — "makes silage smell like roses," according to Calvin. Thing is, they can disguise this smell until they are found out. In A Swiftly Tilting Planet , Chuck has a very sensitive sense of smell, and cruel, mean people smell distinctly bad to him.

In Dracula , the eponymous villain has foul breath, almost certainly due to his diet, and areas where he stays are, well, to quote the book: But as to the odour itself, how shall I describe it?

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It was not alone that it was composed of all the ills of mortality and with the pungent, acrid smell of blood, but it seemed as though corruption had become itself corrupt. While not technically truly evil at heart, Erik from Gaston Leroux's novel The Phantom of the Opera is described by Christine as having hands that smell of death. Very frequent in The Lord of the Rings. To give a few examples, Shelob's lair is extremely odoriferous, and the flowers growing near Minas Morgul are described as smelling like rotting flesh. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero Lost , Mab reports an evil smell - like one of the lords of hell, whom he is familiar with.

Well, technically, it's more chaotic , but Free Magic in Garth Nix's Old Kingdom series is extremely dangerous and almost always wielded by nasty pieces of work, and it's described as producing an acrid, hot-metal smell. In Shadows of the Empire , Prince Xizor notices something.

He imagined he could smell the decay in the Emperor's worn body. Likely that was just a trick of the recycled air, run through dozens of filters to ensure that there was no chance of any poison gas being introduced into it. Filtered the life out of it, perhaps, giving it that dead smell. Break of Dark by Robert Westall has a short story about the ghosts of a trio of loathed relations.

The first signs of their malign presence involve an otherwise squeaky-clean house become beset with the smell of old woman and breath mints. Kosgro says it's very useful as warning, especially since they don't realize it. There is an actual reason for both, but still Dick 's The Divine Invasion , the protagonist finds a poor, lost, talking baby goat.

He slowly becomes aware of a terrible stench surrounding it. It turns out the goat is actually Belial. Infected in The Troop smell like rotting peaches, because their bodies' metabolisms are supercharged; and are breaking down their body tissues to sustain itself and the mutant tapeworms in their stomachs. In The Last Battle , a foul smell follows Tash around.

Eustace says it smells like a dead bird. Collins 's Golgotham trilogy tend to eventually acquire burnt, acrid, or sulfurous odors.

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Isaac Asimov 's " Gimmicks Three ": Shapur, the demon tempting Welby, smells overwhelmingly of sulfur dioxide, and the intensity of the smell also reflects the intensity of his emotions. The vicious and almost otherworldly Sally Bones from Varjak Paw has a persistently dank smell to her. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In "The Zeppo", Giles is seeking supernatural aid in a graveyard; Xander spots him and tries to join in the apocalypse-fighting to get away from new "friend" Jack and his dead pal Bob.

There's something different about this menace. In the air, I can feel it. The stench of death.