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Louisville host Ben Terry BenTerry. Nikki Jackson shares a powerful personal journey discussing topics on race, being a woman, and being a leader. Louis, serving metro Louisville, southern Indiana and western Kentucky. In her role she focuses on community development and education as well as regional economic research and policy input. Prior to joining the St.

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Louis Fed in , Ms. Jackson served as personnel cabinet secretary for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, chief human resources officer for Charter Schools USA, vice chancellor of human resources for Maricopa Community Colleges, and other positions in both the health care and legal fields. I want desperately to be in his arms again, and I am absolutely terrified of the collision. This is the first book in the authors new Stark International Trilogy and as such this couple have a lot more to come.

This isn't the end of their story, but luckily it doesn't finish on a massive cliffy, some secrets have been revealed, as you would expect there are a lot more to come and not all the players have dealt their hands yet There is no doubt that the author has a special way of writing her leads, as well as putting a plot together with lots of things going on in it, while giving her readers extremely well developed characters and back stories.

It was good too see some more of Damien and Nikki as well, seeing that Sylvia works for him and I feel there is potentially another connection in the works as well I expect that they will both feature in the rest of the series.

Nikki Haley

ARC generously provided via Netgalley, it was me pleasure to provide the above honest review. View all 8 comments. O It's not really neccessary - but why wouldn't you want to read all those amaaaaazing books? I want everything that we have shared and will share. I want the world, and with Jackson I do not think that is too much to ask. Jackson is the rising star of the architecural world, and Damien wanted him for his Bahamian couples-island-resort-thing. But Jackson declined - he didn't want to work in Damien's shadow. But finding it and getting Damien on board and buying it and getting all the permits is only the beginning - their famous architect dropped out and now they need a new one, or Sylvia's first solo-project will die.

Five years ago they've been happy together for a short, but very intense time And now he's back in LA for work and she has to swallow all her pride and attraction and literally beg him to work with her And Jackson might even be interested in the job - but he wants more than that - more than Sylvia might be able to give Plus - there are still way too many secrets between them Will there be a HEA? Will everybody die at the end? Or will there be a horrible Cliffhanger?

I loved the first line that Jackson ever said to Sylvia: You've seen one panda, you've seen them all. View all 4 comments. Apr 04, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I haven't read the Stark Trilogy, but still want to go back and read them. Jackson was seriously hot and amazing. He didn't mince words and wow, what a secret. Sylvia's past is horrible, but she needs to find a better way of dealing with it than tattoos.

I'm pretty sure I've figured out who the information leaker is, but I guess I will have to wait and see if I'm right. There is a HEA, but not enough of one I guess that's why there's two more books Mar 05, Hilary rated it it was amazing. I can not wait for you to meet Jackson Steele! Jackson Steele proved me wrong! Sylvia, Jackson and the gang grabbed me and held on tight.

This is a great story with strong characters. The pain is palpable. The romance, scortching hot. Go One Click this gem today!!!! This was freaking awesome! Intense, erotic, full of drama and passion. I think this is J. Kenner's best work to date. I was immediately pulled in, everything was super intriguing.

The story is laid out well with great development. So many things are learned but at just the right time so there is this fantastic "what's going to happen next" build that makes it a page turner.

There are lots of different layers and things going on, it was great. Sylvia Brooks and Jackson Steele are fantastic characte This was freaking awesome! Sylvia Brooks and Jackson Steele are fantastic characters and I loved learning about how they met and the history they shared. So much passion between the two! They each have so many secrets and it was just captivating watching them all unfold and come together.

Sylvia is a great character, strong but has her demons. I really like her determination. Jackson, this man is commanding and powerful. He has secrets as well and I loved everything I did learn but I still have a lot of questions. Hot doesn't cover the sexy times in this book. Erotic, passionate, add in some kink, and the pull between these two is off the charts.

Loved all the other characters that were introduced. It was great getting to see Nikki and Damien again, I really enjoyed seeing a new side of Damien. Love how their characters have been integrated into this so even though I know them from their series, they seem fresh. This book was full of twists and turns and drama. There was one thing I did not see coming, which was awesome! I loved the twist.

I still have a TON of questions. I must know all the things! I do have some ideas and theories and I cannot wait to find out of I'm on target. This book does have closure but it's definitely cliffhanger-ish. I cannot wait for more. This was absolutely excellent! I cannot say enough good things. Complimentary copy received for honest review. Mar 17, Jonetta rated it really liked it Shelves: Originally posted on The Book Nympho I had such an uneven reading experience with the Stark Trilogy and was reluctant to try this spinoff.

In the end, curiosity got the better of me and I waded in, this time using the audio format. First, the main characters had minor roles in the Stark Trilogy. Sylvia Brooks is Damien's assistant and is now heading up a real estate development project she pitched, the Santa Cortez Resort. The project is in jeopardy because their high profile architect has quit t Originally posted on The Book Nympho I had such an uneven reading experience with the Stark Trilogy and was reluctant to try this spinoff. The project is in jeopardy because their high profile architect has quit to explore his Zen side in Tibet.

Sylvia knows that that Jackson Steele, their first choice, is the best person to take over but he's already turned them done once and Despite the over abundance of angst and sex, this is a pretty good story. Sylvia has a rotten past and Jackson is just one surprise after another. Their new relationship is hot but plagued with issues, ergo the angst. One nice surprise was the depth given to some of the secondary characters who become integral to both Sylvia and Jackson.

And, yes, Damien and Nikki appear as well so for those needing more of them, you've got them. Abby Craden's narration is a strong performance, despite her tendency to overdramatize at times but, I think it's the writing. She really is Sylvia and I'm always going to hear her voice whenever I think of the character.

And, she does a pretty good job with the male characters, too. The trilogy has one story arc with lots of subplots to keep things interesting. While it doesn't end with a cliffhanger, there are quite a few open issues. Just enough to hook me into jumping right into the next book. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review And now, 5 years later, she still loves him, of course BUT know she also needs him for the project she's a head of And o oh, bugger And of course, he makes a deal with her. I want you to remember everything you gave up. I want you, Sylvia.

As intensely as I wanted you in Atlanta. And the moment I saw you in the theater, I knew that I was willing to make any deal I had to in order to get you close. BUT there are secrets, there's a horrid nightmare that has happen to Sylvia when she was 14 that made her a control freak, especially on an emotional level I can't be the girl who surrenders. I have to hold on tight to control, because it is the only protection I have.

But I desperately need the architect. Roll back five years and Jackson Steele shares two days with Sylvia Brooks, the connection they have is irrefutable, it is one of the most intense two days of both their lives, we are talking soul mate connection, a forever connection, but it seems the thoughts of forever are one sided Sylvia begs Jackson to walk away and asks him to never look back, even though it kills him to do so.

She gets her big break with a project for which she is project manager but it all goes south as the architect pulls out at the last minute. With the investment backers getting the jitters and on the verge of calling time on the whole project it is up to Sylvia to get another architect on board and it has to be someone high profile and renowned to allay the worries of the board.

There is only one contender and luckily his latest project has hit the wall and he is available But with a past such as theirs can it be overcome? Jackson seems the type to hold a grudge and for the woman that he has not stopped thinking about for the past five years, this grudge is huge. Not because I demand it, but because you want it. Sometimes miscommunication or lack of any communication is one of my pet peeves and while I could understand Sylvia for some I was begging her to open up at times.

Some of the revelations in this book took me by surprise and with an intriguing plot anyways I can honestly say I am all in. I cannot wait for book 2 On My Knees which is set for publication in June. Nov 12, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I could not put this book down and didn't want it to end. SO happy that there are two more books to this series. Can't wait to see where Julie takes these characters. Jan 19, Aly is so frigging bored rated it did not like it Shelves: Mar 17, Bj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lovers of hot, controlling, powerful Doms rejoice, there is a new spin-off to the Stark Trilogy, and Jackson Steele is shaping up to be as alphalicious as Damien Stark.

In addition, to the hot, erotic action, there is also an element of suspense to this read, culminating in a groundbreaking twist that ensures that we will be getting plenty more of Damien too in future books in this series. That said, this series does stand on its own. So if you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading The Stark Trilogy or haven't finished it , you can still enjoy Say My Name. However, please note that in order to get the Jackson's and Sylvia's full story, you will need to commit to reading the entire Stark International Trilogy.

Two more future books are planned. The next one, On My Knees, is currently planned to be a June release. For those of you who have read or listened to the Stark Trilogy, Sylvia Brooks is Damien Stark's assistant, and his wife's friend. Due to an unfortunate past, Sylvia has lived a very disciplined life. Preferring to control the world in her own ways in order to stave off the demons of old. Unfortunately, this has rendered Sylvia generally incapable of having a true relationship or even falling for a man. Today, Sylvia's main focus is on career advancement.

In that regard, she has found the perfect project for Damien an island that they can build into a family friendly resort. Damien, in turn, is so happy with this find that he gives Sylvia the career opportunity of a lifetime by allowing her to manage the project. When the world famous architect that they have recruited falls through though, the project's future is jeopardized.

There is only one other architect, whose signing on to the project, could potentially convince the investors not to pull out. Unfortunately for Sylvia, it also happens to be the one man that Sylvia walked away from all those many years ago, Jackson Steele. When Jackson conditions his aid on an ultimatum, Sylvia is forced to confront her demons.

The one thing that is clear though is that their chemistry is explosive, but can a HEA possibly be in the cards when both Sylvia and Jackson are concealing dangerous secrets? I was fortunate enough to get to experience this story in both e-book and audiobook format. I loved both reading and listening to this title as the fabulously sexy narration by Abby Craden greatly helped me form the total image of Jackson and Sylvia. Once I had that image in mind, I could easily hear her voice enacting the passion, suspense and anguish of this well written erotic romance in the passages that I read.

My favorite part of Ms. Craden's narration is Jackson. Her husky voice easily makes him sound like a real male voice, a feat that sometimes is not completely accomplished by female narrators. Moreover, she accurately infuses his depiction with an authoritative, alpha, sexy nature which is true to his personality as written by J. Craden also performs an equally convincing Sylvia.

Varying her pitch for Sylvia's dialogue to a slightly higher pitch, so that she is easily distinguishable from Jackson. I also enjoyed the breathless quality that Ms. Craden lends Sylvia in the numerous bedroom scenes. Perhaps my only observation is that as part of this effect, at times, the dialogue was delivered in a somewhat slow fashion. While this had the desired effect of heightening the feel of the erotic scenes, it also prolonged the listen somewhat. All in all, I highly enjoyed Say My Name. Both the writing and the narration kept me engaged and wanting more.

Moreover, I definitely got the feeling that there are more secrets to come and that Sylvia's and Jackson's relationship still has plenty of room to continue to evolve; thereby making this a series that I definitely want to follow to its conclusion. Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review. Jun 18, Christine rated it did not like it Shelves: Putting this one on hold.

I could not connect. I felt like I was forcing myself to continue. With so many other books out there I want to read, I had to stop. Too much business detail in the beginning. Not sure why Jackson Steele, the hero, wants to be with the heroine so much.

She has something tragic that happened to her, but it is given in bits and pieces and after awhile I did not care. Her BFF, Cass, also annoyed me. I hate pushy BFFs. Cass is asking the heroine if the last time she had sex Putting this one on hold. Cass is asking the heroine if the last time she had sex was Atlanta and heroine does not answer.

Random sex with strangers does not mean that the person is over another person. I just hate BFFs that feel that random sex with strangers heals all wounds. The story did not flow for me. The info is given in bits and pieces to make me want to anticipate the answer, but if I don't feel this connection that the characters are "fighting" I don't care in the end.

Kenner does a wonderful job of weaving a tale of mystery and hot crazy suspense around the cat and mouse chase of Mr. Jackson Steele and Sylvia Brooks. Sylvia chases her demons in order to learn to trust herself and her love for Jackson. This is a great story. It will have you on the edge of your seat, gripping your e-reader, laughing and crying.

Sep 08, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing. Sylvia Brooks has worked for Damien Stark as his executive assistant for years. The prime architect has abruptly quit and Sylvia is under the gun to find a replacement. Jackson is every bit the masculi Sylvia Brooks has worked for Damien Stark as his executive assistant for years.

Jackson is every bit the masculine, dominant man. His participation in the Cortez project hinges on Sylvia. Is she willing to give up a little bit of her controlled life to trust Jackson with her secrets? And will Jackson trust Sylvia with his own? Phew, Say My Name is a scorcher… Sylvia and Jackson are so freaking hot together, my kindle was smoking. This is a great start to a Stark trilogy spinoff. This is book one in the Stark International trilogy and ends in cliffhanger. At the beginning of the first sixth-season episode, "Valkyrie", Kate accepts.

They are finally married during the seventh season in a private wedding with their family, taking place at Castle's house in the Hamptons. In the 8th and final season, Beckett estranges herself from Castle in order to protect him from LokSat, a deadly mastermind who she's after, although they are married still and very much in love. Beckett starts living elsewhere, not letting Castle know about LokSat.

After the events of "Mr. Castle" they get back together. Alexis becomes Castle's main helping hand in his P. In the series finale, a flash forward to 7 years later shows Castle and Beckett are the parents of three children. Early episodes of the series had Castle voicing over the introductory credits beginning with Season 2. There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking how to kill people: Psychopaths, and mystery writers. I'm the kind that pays better. Every writer needs inspiration, and I found mine. And together, we catch killers. Castle is an author of mystery fiction , with 26 bestsellers.

His first novel, In a Hail of Bullets , accrued at least 21 rejections before being accepted by a publisher he keeps the first rejection letter he received framed on his office wall as motivation [17] and winning the Nom DePlume Society's Tom Straw Award for Mystery Literature. He later reads from the novel before a book-signing. Patterson and Cannell both disagree with the decision to kill off Storm, with Cannell commenting that he could have retired or crippled Storm instead, so that he could revisit the character if he changed his mind.

After using his friendship with the Mayor to get partnered with NYPD detective Kate Beckett under the pretense of conducting research for a new character, Castle plans a new series of novels starring a new character, a detective based on Beckett. He soon names Beckett's literary alter-ego "Nikki Heat", much to her embarrassment. Ultimately, he sticks with the name, and the first novel in the series, Heat Wave , is released to much critical acclaim, with talk in the third season of a movie adaptation.

It has been suggested that Castle's interest in death, murder, and the macabre may be the result of a childhood trauma. When Beckett confronts him about it, Castle avoids the question. However, as soon as he tells the story, he admits it is fictional and that it's "[his] job to make stuff up". Later, he admits to his daughter that one of the reasons he writes is to try to understand how criminals could do the things they do.

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He was under consideration for a deal to write three novels revolving around an unnamed British spy implied to be James Bond but rejected the offer, allegedly because his publisher wanted three more Nikki Heat novels and offered him more money, but secretly because accepting would have ended his collaboration with Beckett. In "Hollander's Woods", the source of Castle's interest in murder writing is revealed: The girl's body was never found and she was never identified so no one believed his story. According to Castle, this encounter is what causes him to do what he does: In the present of the episode, Castle is confronted by a similar case and finally gets to learn the truth of what happened that day and personally stop a serial killer of an unknown, but presumably large, number of murdered women.

Castle is something of a "method writer", endlessly researching his subjects and acquiring new skills to put himself in the mind of his characters. Amongst the useful skills Castle and to some extent, partner-in-crime Alexis have acquired are lock picking, safe cracking, fencing, and a basic grounding in forensics.

Because he's a writer, although he notoriously shirks "boring paperwork," his ability to speed-read allows him to sift through information faster than most of the precinct a skill Gates puts to use when hunting for a bomber and he retains almost everything he reads, especially when it comes to case files making him the closest approximation to an expert when Jerry Tyson, aka 3XK, returns in Season 7 after stealing his entire case file in Season 6. In the pilot episode, "Flowers For Your Grave", Castle displays an uncanny knack for behavioral observation when he observes Beckett and is able to accurately profile her, to which a visibly shaken Beckett responds "cute trick".

Kyra Blaine, an ex-girlfriend of Castle to whom he dedicated A Rose for Everafter , told Beckett that Castle only dedicates his books to people he truly cares about. In "Hollander's Woods", Castle is awarded the Poe's Pen Achievement Award which he says is the highest award a mystery writer can receive. Although shaken by an encounter with the serial killer who inspired his writing interest, Castle accepts the award and dedicates it to his family and friends as he recognizes that, without them, he wouldn't have won it.

Though Beckett wants Castle's access to the case limited, Castle repeatedly defies her instructions in order to see the handiwork of his copycat. Unsatisfied with what he considers a boring resolution to the case, Castle convinces Beckett to continue the investigation, and winds up discovering deeper layers to the crime. While the murders initially appeared to have been committed by the mentally ill client of a social worker who was one of the victims, Castle notes that the murderer did not duplicate the crimes exactly, eliminating the possibility that he was a deranged fan.

He realizes that the killer was actually the social worker's brother attempting to frame her client, so that he could inherit his father's money after his death his father suffering from terminal cancer. By the end of the pilot, Castle enters into a working relationship with Beckett under the pretense of conducting research for his new series of "Nikki Heat" novels. This relationship is often strained by Castle's luck in personally encountering the suspects, and sneaking in behind breaching teams even after Beckett has ordered him to remain behind; his attempts to follow them once allowing a suspect a chance to escape although in Castle's defense this was merely because his ex-wife called him on his cell phone during the stake-out rather than any mistakes on his part.

Despite this, Castle's familiarity with numerous obscure subjects often gives breakthroughs. Although he is a proficient marksman secret until Beckett bets with him on the practice range , he works the cases wholly unarmed with a few rare, isolated exceptions. While his status as a consultant generally allows him to participate in the 'fun' parts of detective work without worrying about the more tedious details such as paperwork, the team puts him in situations where the criminals request no police involvement, such as to drop off a ransom.

Castle still requires official police authority to request information from various sources, and can only question witnesses under supervision. Beckett often steps in to stop him becoming carried away with wild theories that threaten to obscure the facts. He once speculated that a surgeon had been killed for his involvement in an organ-smuggling ring before they discovered that he was wanted for plastic surgery he had performed for someone in witness protection.

Castle's writing career has given him a knack for noting minor details in the situations they investigate, such as when he noted that rent for a victim's apartment had been paid for after her death. He then offers to terminate his partnership with Beckett after she was forced to shoot the real killer, revealed to be a contract assassin silent about his employer.


Beckett rejects the offer on the grounds that Castle makes her hard job more fun. In season 3 "Nikki Heat", Castle is upset when B-movie actress Natalie Rhodes is cast as Nikki, thinking she is not right for the role.

See a Problem?

When Rhodes comes onto a case to observe Beckett, Castle is further insulted that she has not read the actual book. Rhodes considers him unimportant to the film and Beckett likes having Natalie around. However, as the case goes on, Rhodes begins to copy Beckett's mannerisms and outfits, complete with brunette wig, annoying Beckett while Castle begins to like her more. At one point, Rhodes kisses Castle, making it clear she wants to sleep with him to feel the character more but Castle turns her down, telling Beckett that sleeping with the actress playing the fictional version of her is "way too meta".

In "Knockdown", Castle helps Beckett in catching her mother's killer. When Martha points out that he has written 22 books before meeting Beckett but he did not have to go to police station every day, Castle replied by saying that it is not about the books anymore.