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Bochumer Chemikern ist es mit der Methode der Raman-Mikroskopie gelungen, den Aufenthaltsort von Metallverbindungen in lebenden Zellen genau zu verfolgen.. Scientists from Bochum have managed to accurately determine the location of metal complexes within living cancer cells using Raman microscopy.. The researchers have thus gained new insights into the mechanism of action of metal-containing drugs, to which they ascribe great potential capacities, e.

German-English translation for "Einblick"

Viele deutsche Hersteller haben jetzt unter Verlusten zu leiden und es werden weiterhin sinkende Preise erwartet.. Ecoscholars ist eine Initiative internationaler Forscher, Stipendiaten, Fellows und Fachleuten, die vom Ecologic Institut koordiniert wird.. Many German manufacturers now operate at a loss and further reductions in prices are expected.. The event provided a valuable opportunity for Ecoscholars members, many of whom hold a particular interest in renewable and solar energy, to learn more about solar technology and gain direct insight into the solar manufacturing industry..

Ecoscholars is an initiative of international researchers, scholars, fellows, and professionals coordinated by the Ecologic Institute.. At the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, events for the general public take place regularly.. The exhibitions, which take place every two months in the foyer of the Institute, build a bridge between science and arts.. As satellites of the festival, galleries, museums, studios and institutions host design-related exhibitions and events throughout Berlin.. Apart from exhibitions and presentations by local, national and international designers, visitors can gain heterogenous insights into creative work processes in numerous open studios and workshops..

Einen tieferen Einblick in die Kultur der anderen Teilnehmer gewinnen. You will investigate the diverse branches in the history of Christianity and face the task of responsibly giving an account of the teachings of the Christian tradition..

"Einblick" English translation

In addition, you will reflect upon the various facets of current church practice and gain insight into neighbouring subjects.. This bridge between academic study and faith will open attractive career prospects to you within and outside the church.. Recent studies concentrate on structures beyond the initial target proteins of drugs, such as signal transduction genes, neuronal development, regulation and plasticity.. Particularly newer strategies such as pharmacogenomics, which elucidates gene expression profiles, the combination of genetic informations of numerous genes and the inclusion of environmental factors have the potential to give informative insights into long-term effects and into the mode of action of psychopharmaceuticals at the molecular level..

Die Studierenden haben Einblick in die geburtshilflichen Situationen und die Hebammenarbeit im interkulturellen und internationalen Vergleich..

Context sentences for "Einblick"

Students have insight into the obstetric situations and midwives working in intercultural and international comparison.. You understand and reflect social and historical, social, cultural and individual differences and circumstances in which children come into the world today..

Ein Blick in LOLs Vergangenheit! Silphi Reacts [League of Legends] [Deutsch / German]

Furthermore we are investigating signal capturing and algorithms for condition monitoring of facilities, based on electrical parameters.. With studies, concepts as soon as adaptations and redevelopment of components and systems we deliver novel and customized solutions in the context of the energy management.. Wenn die Kinder abends schlafen, setzt sie sich zu Hause an den Rechner, um beispielsweise einen Fachartikel fertig zu schreiben..

When the children are sleeping in the evening, she works on the computer at home to finish off specialist articles, for example.. Working on committees — as the spokesperson for research group leaders, for example - has provided her with an insight into research policy and the processes of a research organization which she regards as vitally important for her future career plans..

They give insights into their research projects, all of which have to do with the relationship between Russia and Europe. All the Russian guest scholars presented their work to the students in some lively interactions.. Er gibt in eindrucksvollen Bildern Einblick in die Produktion unserer Lebensmittel sowie erste Antworten auf die Frage, was der Hunger auf der Welt mit uns zu tun hat.. Furthermore, the ZQ also carries out projects in the area of higher education institute and educational research, as well as evaluations of external programs and projects.. Over the past few years it has become apparent that the variety of methodical approaches have helped to provide a sophisticated insight into the position of research, study and teaching, as well as the organization of the subject areas and departments..

The objective is to co-operate with the people involved to encourage and support a continuous process of quality development.. They have comparatively analyzed the sequence of the so-called mu opioid receptor gene abbr The distribution data are enriched with geo-location information, providing insight into which country, region or even city a video has greatest impact in..

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Einblick in etw akk nehmen geh. Are you missing a word, phrase or translation? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. This short film provides an insight into current activities of GIZ in the horn of Africa country.

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Interns gain insights into working life in the host country, improve their language skills and establish initial contacts with foreign enterprises. Das Training und die Einblicke in den deutschen Markt haben ihr bei der Modernisierung ihres Betriebes geholfen. The training and insights into the German market helped her to modernise her own company. This direct dialogue, plus an insight into the working practices of government institutions and initiatives, is especially appreciated by programme participants, for it provides information and ideas for their own projects. For example, a Colombian delegation visited Germany and France to find out about regional development.

The multivision show " The Malta Experience " 3 Lm in Valetta is perfect for getting a first insight into the year old history of Malta within 45 minutes. Aktuell sind 17 Unternehmen beteiligt. This initiative by leading German businesses aims to offer further training for young African managers and provide an insight into working processes and management methods in Germany. Some 17 companies are currently involved in the programme.

Juliette Simonet and Christina Staarmann and consult them about their careers. Example sentences from external sources for "Einblick" not checked by the Langenscheidt editorial team. They have no access, that is correct, but they cannot consult it either. Sie haben keinen Zugriff, das ist richtig, aber sie haben auch keinen Einblick. He shares some of his pictures and his insights with us in this post.

In diesem Beitrag teilt er einige seiner Bilder und Einblicke. However, this was only a glimpse at how a small group of Iranians live. It is insufficiently binding, and its processes insufficiently transparent.

Einblick : German » English | PONS

Eine solche Vereinbarung ist zu wenig bindend und bietet nicht genug Einblick in den Prozess. The report offers a horrific account of human rights violations. Der Bericht gibt Einblick in eine furchtbare Bilanz der Menschenrechtsverletzungen. We must therefore try to obtain more insight into how things are. A need for more insight into the investment flows has arisen. How much control would the public have exercised then?

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