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Contents: One step at a time, the book systematically helps you develop the problem-solving skills needed to protect any information infrastructure.

He was master security architect at Cable and Wireless and Exodus Communications, and professor of computer science at the University of Tennessee. Pfleeger is coauthor of Security in Computing, Fourth Edition Prentice Hall, , today's leading college computer security textbook. The Journal of Systems and Software has repeatedly named her one of the world's top software engineering researchers.

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Their use of the threat—vulnerability—countermeasure paradigm combined with extensive real-world Prentice Hall Professional Bolero Ozon. Pfleeger , Shari Lawrence Pfleeger.

Incomplete Mediation 77 Vulnerability: Race Condition 79 Vulnerability: Time-of-Check to Time-of-Use 82 Vulnerability: Undocumented Access Point 84 Ineffective Countermeasure: Identifying and Classifying Faults 86 Countermeasure: Secure Software Design Elements 90 Countermeasure: Defensive Programming Conclusion Recurring Thread: A Horse of a Different Color Attack: Malicious Code Threat: Malicious Code Vulnerability: Voluntary Introduction Vulnerability: Unlimited Privilege Vulnerability: Detection Tools Countermeasure: Memory Separation Countermeasure: Basic Security Principles Recurring Thread: The Keys to the Kingdom Attack: Data and Reputation Vulnerability: Physical Access Vulnerability: Misplaced Trust Vulnerability: System Subversion Recurring Thread: Forensics—Tracing Data Flow Vulnerability: Weak Authentication Failed Countermeasure: Security through Obscurity Countermeasure: Physical Access Control Countermeasure: Strong Authentication Countermeasure: My Cup Runneth Over Attack: Destruction of Code and Data Vulnerability: Off-by-One Error Vulnerability: Integer Overflow Vulnerability: Unterminated Null-Terminated String Vulnerability: Parameter Length and Number Vulnerability: Unsafe Utility Programs Attack: Important Overflow Exploitation Examples Countermeasure: Programmer Bounds Checking Countermeasure: Programming Language Support Countermeasure: Hardware Protection of Executable Space Countermeasure: He Who Steals My Purse.

Loss of Data Extended Threat: Unprotected Availability of Data Vulnerability: Unprotected Confidentiality of Data Countermeasure: Physical Security Countermeasure: Data Redundancy Backup Countermeasure: The Root of All Evil Background: Operating System Structure Attack: Phone Rootkit Attack Details: What Is a Rootkit?

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Software Complexity Vulnerability: Difficulty of Detection and Eradication Countermeasure: Simplicity of Design Countermeasure: Scanning the Horizon Attack: Investigation, Intrusion, and Compromise Threat: Port Scan Attack Details Harm: Knowledge and Exposure Recurring Thread: Legal—Are Port Scans Legal? Revealing Too Much Vulnerability: Allowing Internal Access Countermeasure: System Architecture Countermeasure: Unauthorized Access Vulnerability: Protocol Weaknesses Failed Countermeasure: Virtual Private Networks Countermeasure: Cryptographic Key Management Regime Countermeasure: Asymmetric Cryptography Countermeasure: Kerberos Conclusion Recurring Thread: Man in the Middle Threat: Unwarranted Trust Vulnerability: Failed Identification and Authentication Vulnerability: Inadequate Attention to Program Details Vulnerability: Protocol Weakness Countermeasure: Identification and Authentication Countermeasure: Cryptography Related Attack: Covert Channel Related Attack: Integrity Failure Attack Details Vulnerability: Protocol Weaknesses Vulnerability: Code Flaws Vulnerability: Digital Signature Countermeasure: Secure Protocols Countermeasure: Access Control Countermeasure: User Education Possible Countermeasure: Replay Attacks Vulnerability: Reuse of Session Data Countermeasure: Unrepeatable Protocol Countermeasure: Replay Attacks Similar Attack: Session Hijack Vulnerability: Electronic Impersonation Vulnerability: Nonsecret Token Countermeasure: Massive Estonian Web Failure Threat: Denial of Service Threat:

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