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A queen could come from an egg given special hormones, or a warrior could change into a queen. Having your body slowly turn into an Alien egg is creepy as all get out, and is a good twist of unearthly biology — similar to spiders injecting venom into their food, having the venom digest the prey, and spiders slurp up the meal having had digestion occur outside the body. Think how many tummy aches you would have been spared.

Terrence McKenna's Dark Trip to "The Meat-Locker"

Having reproduction occur outside the body is a great idea- turn your prey into an egg. IF any adult could simply turn into one, there would be no biological need to have specific chestburster Queens. So, Brett and Dallas would have both been an emergency way to create a Queen-carrying facehugger eggs, which Ripley was then going to be implanted with.

It just keeps getting dumber and dumber and you end up with contradictions.

On the one hand you might look at Alien and say that its such a rich, textured and creative world that there must be plenty of more room to move around in it. But all hollywood producers really want to is not to move around in it, but to stay in place and keep doing the same thing.

Midnight Meat Locker podcast

Except without Aliens, except there was one of those to. And really I wonder if the sequel concept is even valid in the example of Alien. It was an intimate and claustrophobic story by design. Sure there was a richly realized world outside the window, but if you go out into that world to explore it, whats the point in any Alien connection? And honestly even Star Wars expanded universe is almost… ahem, universally terrible. I first watched it age 12, and any criticisms of it not being scary enough did not occur to me at the time.

In fact, it took a good forty minutes for my heart rate to return to normal. And then I watched it again…. Both were fudged, and for exact opposite reasons: Alien 3; too many cooks.

The Prequel trilogy; not enough cooks. The Matrix came close, but, guess what, they buggered that up as well. What a bunch of clowns there are in Hollywood!!! Aliens is smart entertainment. Cameron really deserves credit for doing it as good as spielberg or jj abrams any day. Whereas I love the Star Wars prequels with every fibre of my being, and have always kind of hated The Matrix.

The creature would try to track down its queen, and by not discovering one, would go through a hormonal or, whatever change and be able to infect the victims with something that would alter their biological make-up. Also, the Alien at the end of Alien was very slow and just wanted to be let alone.

Maybe it was turning into a queen, or entering another stage? A queen could be made through various means — by means of a queen face hugger, or giving an egg certain chemicals, or a warrior could become a queen. People turning into eggs just seems too goofy and unrealistic to me.

Meat Locker: The Body Count Series

My concept was that the Alien goes back into the egg. It rampages and then molts back into the egg. It was my understanding that Dallas and Brett were food, being broken down as the egg-shell formed around them, for the next facehuggers. When it has a Queen, that Queen becomes priority. When it does not, it adapts….

Alien — cocoon scene: The alien killed Brett and implanted a spore inside him. The resulting facehugger would then use Dallas as a normal host. It perceived them as a threat to the unborn queen, and began killing them, probably assuming there were other hosts such as the oxen. Had the alien simply cocooned Ripley, she might have died from thirst, since the queen takes longer to gestate. Letting her stay mobile keeps her healthy, and the queen healthy.

In truth, the cold cellar was part of the massive Grand-View Sanatorium, a South Mountain resort that attracted people who believed the pure mountain air and spring water would help cure their ills. The cellar was used to store fresh foods and meats, said Paul Miller, a Sinking Spring historian who has studied the area. Careful observers driving along Grandview Road in South Heidelberg Township can see the remains of the sanatorium, including a crumbling elevator shaft that was part of the main building and a chapel that was turned into a home.

A little bit up the road, there is a stone door frame that led into the cellar, which was built into the side of a hill, Miller said. For years after the sanitorium closed in , the grounds were accessible, and teenagers often came to roam around the empty buildings.

Miller has no idea how the ghost stories started. But it's easy to guess that they were fueled by wild teenage imaginations. Is there something about the Berks County area that you're curious about?

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What's legend behind 'meat locker' near Wernersville?

Six stars for Chromecast support. Hosts review each film in horror movie franchises one by one.

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  5. Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins.

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    Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was Anna Sale explores the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation. And I think I might have found a new way to go from the deep dark stones of the crypt and right to the ear balls in your head.